Dollars and Scents


Dollars & Scents is an opulent elixir which alludes to subtle luxury. Its powerful combination of aromas is designed to enhance a sense of stability, comfort and individuality. Its properties activate the powerful energy of abundance.

Key Notes: Basil, Cacao, Musk, Rose de Mai, Labdanum and Cognac

Profile: Sophisticated, affluent, distinguished, eccentric and captivating.



Scent Profile: Basil, Chocolate, Musk, Rose, Labdanum,
Person: Comfort, Stability, Wealth, Strong Character

Smell like wealth with this powerful combination of Basil, Chocolate, Musk, Rose and Labdanum. This perfume represents the epitome of Stability, Comfort, and Character. Wearing Dollars and Scents will set you apart and activate your powerful energy of abundance.


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