Fox & Diamonds Perfume Elixir – Natural Functional Fragrance
Fox & Diamonds Perfume Elixir - Natural Functional Fragrance

Fox & Diamonds All Natural Perfume Elixir

Di Nightingale House of Perfume Elixirs has created a collection of elegant and exotic fragrances that are all about who you are or who you are becoming.  The functional perfumes are all about you and how it helps you feel within.

Our Perfumer Alchemist Damaris Nightingale has the ability to combine eclectic scents, using methods outside of the lines of modern
perfume creation, uncommon in the world of perfumes.



Fox & Diamonds

Fox and Diamonds is elegant, distinct and sensual. It’s designed for the woman who dances to her own
music, traces her own path fearlessly, and is ready for anything that comes her way. This fragrance
connects you to your personal power and magnetism.

Main Notes
This formula includes hints of #Tuberose, #Sandalwood, #Rose, #Tangerine and #Vanilla. A combination
of classy, smart, and powerful make up the ideal wearer of this #perfume.



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