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Damaris Nightingale is a herbalist and Natural Perfumer Alchemist with a passion for using natural aromatic materials to heal body, mind and soul. This is not a cliché. These formulations deliver. If you stop by my Apothecary, you’ll often find her in the lab mixing something heavenly, beautiful fragrances, silky textures - it’s lovely in there. The boutique is that feminine blend of store front, social center and 24 hour therapy session all rolled into one! Regular clients would often pull her aside and ask if she had a special anti-aging lotion in the back, or if she could produce a special fragrance for a love interest or advice on how best to whether these times. If you ask Darmaris how she got into this - she’d say she was born to make healing lotions, beauty products and natural perfumes. And when she talks about healing, it’s not just our body, but heart, mind and soul. In the late 90’s she began studying with Master Perfumer Raed Butrous of Uttati International. Later, she attended a Perfumer Training course in Grasse, France followed by a training course in Natural Perfumery with the accomplished Master Perfumer Abdessalaam Attar in Rimini, Italy. All big names in the perfumer industry!

You’ll learn how to:
●    Stop wasting time and money on generic essential oil formulations and recommendations that don’t work for your body.
●    Assess your personal Primary Scents so you can make informed scent choices that align with you for maximum effect
●    Advance your knowledge and practice of aromatherapy so you can customize solutions to for any occasion
●    Mobilize scents to reduce anxiety, improve mood, sleep more soundly all based on your scent profile.
●    Transform the way you perceive the world with a heightened sense of smell. Learn to feel scent in your body.
●    Exercise the secrets of the olfactory. Boost your confidence, manage through stressful situations, enhance your mood and those around you.
●    Navigate the language of aromatherapy and natural perfumery to be an informed, smart consumer.

Course Location

Course Dates

February 19, 20, 21 & 27

Time 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Online Access

Upon Registering You will receive detail instructions to access online materials and download your Scents DNA Personality Profile workbook before the class start date.